The Brand

The FRED HOT ingredient concept: (We support & buy LOCAL whenever possible!)

Wholesome, natural ingredients !!!
Our definition of this is that FRED HOT products use ingredients that are not processed with chemical preservatives, enhancers or treatment additives.

No fillers! If we need to fill our sauces and spiced products with something then we simply use MORE PEPPERS !!
We use several different fresh & dried varieties of peppers and some sauces include the hottest peppers in the world.

There are no artificial preservatives.
Only the NATURAL preservative qualities of vinegar, apple cider vinegar &/or citric acid.

We rarely use binders. This is about TASTE, not making it look pretty.
If you do not like the appearance of the ingredients separating inside the bottle of FRED HOT: SHAKE IT! (You should shake it anyway since it not only mixes up the uneven settling but it’s also a great workout!!)


Our recipes are designed with quality ALWAYS in mind.
There is nothing in it that does not have a purpose that is specifically involved in making it what it is.
It may not have a shelf life of 35 years but we think it’s worth it to leave out the chemicals that prolong the shelf life beyond the current 2 years.
Seriously, if a sauce needs to last that long before you use it, you really didn’t want to buy it anyway.

Lastly: We are non industry and our products are hand crafted.
EVERY single FRED HOT product is crafted, placed into it’s container, labeled and sealed BY HAND.

It REALLY doesn’t get much better than THAT!