Who is Fred?

 First off, his name really is Fred!

Fred had a desire to have a hot sauce that actually had some respectable heat to it but also had flavor. Something tastier than the common salty vinegar waters mixed with dry spices and flavor enhancer chemicals.

Well, Fred has creative and unexplainable natural culinary skills so he took to reducing various peppers into a sauce that was never the same from batch to batch but was always natural, spicy and great tasting. As family, friends and co-workers became familiar with these creations, the kidding around and joking about logos and names began. They prodded him to turn it into a business which he brushed off as being a joke. Fred even sat down and created the cartoonish logo, which is now trademark protected, that he started taping to the bottles that he shared with friends as part of the “kidding around”. Eventually the joking drifted off as the serious requests for it outgrew the costs and time to keep everyone happy!

Fred decided to give the business venture a try.


That is the “shortened” version of his “long story”. Fred’s creative mind is always bursting with new recipes & ideas. There are now several different types, styles and flavor profiles of sauces that are being offered & dare we mention his… spice blends, spicy pickled foods, bloody mary mixes and spicy peanut butter as well?